Assembler Function

The assmblers function is to read an assembly language source file and
	- check for syntax errors
	- assign memory locations for Data,Code,and Stack Segments
	- make a list of symbols used
	- isolate memory,variable,constant  references,

Assembler command line

Command line is line on which the OS command has been typed and  the where the cursor is located awaiting a command
	The application which is to be executed can take its input value from the same line in which the application name is called. Most single user applications use this way of entering  variable values.

The Assembler

There many brands of assemblers  they are - 
	TASM -Turbo Asswembler from borland
	MASM -Macro Asswembler from Intel 
	NASM -Network Asswembler gnu 
There a many command line options for TASM , the following are most useful and recomended
	/la      include lst file with all details
	/zi	 generate symbol references for symbolic source level debugging

The Assembler generates the Object Code file    having the .obj extension

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