N Code No.R31020102/S   III/IV B. Tech.(I-Semester) 
              Computer Organization
(Common to Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics & Telematics)
Time  : 3 hours		Max.Marks  : 80
Answar any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1.a)With the help of a neat diagram, explain about Von neuman's Computer.
  b)    Explain about horizontal and vertical Formats.
2.a) What are the different instruction formats available. Explain them giving two examples.
  b)	Discuss about bus Heirarchy.
3.        Define the following :
  a)Control memory b)Hardwired control c) Micro code d)Micro - operation       e)Control word   f)Nano  programming g)Execute cycle h)    Paging
4.a)What are different data transfer modes between computer and perpherals ?
  b)Draw the flow chart for memory operation with DMA.
5.a)Explain about associate memory.
  b)A ROM chip of 1024 X 8 bits has four select inputs and operates from a   5V power supply. How many  pins are needed for the IC package ? Draw a   block diagram and label all i/p and o/p terminals in ROM
6.Write short notes on :
  i)DRAM ii)Instruction pipleiling iii)I-O Channels
7.a) What are the micro-operations involved in fetching and decoding an     instruction  Explain how they are executed ?
8.Write short  notes on  :
  1)Pentium Processor Vs Power PC processor 2) RISC Vs CISC 3)Virtual memory.

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