Code No.310201							   Set.No.1
      III/IV B. Tech.(I-Semester) Exmaination,Nov.2002
Computer Organization
(Common to Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics & Telematics)
Time  : 3 hours							Max.Marks  : 80
Answar any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1.a)    Draw the block diagram of Von Neumann computer and explain the significance
           of the various blocks.
 b)   Give the instruction format and information format used in this computer.
2.      Write detailed notes on power PC processor clearly specifying the register set, 
         instruction formats and addressing modes used in this processor.
3.      Distinguish between hardwired control and micro programmed control. Explain a       
        micro  programmed control unit with the help of a bock diagram.
4.     It is required to transfer data between cache memory and main memory whenever
        there is a ` miss ` (that is the required data is not available in cache memory).
       Explain three different mechanisms that will assist data transfer between main
       memory and cache memory.
5.    Explain the direct memory access (DMA) technique of transferring data between
       main memoey and a peripheral device with the help of a suitable block diagram.
       List out other techniques for doing similar data transfers.
6.    What are the various addressing modes used in computer systems  ? Explain each
       one of them with a suitable example.
7.    a)   What is instruction set ?
b)	List out different instructions used in a typical computer system.
c)	Distinguish between processor oriented computer organization and register
oriented computer organization.
8.    Write short notes on the following topics
       a) Nanoprogramming          b) CDROM  device      c) DRAM organization and
d)	Associative memory.

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