Code No.310201							   Set.No.2
      III/IV B. Tech.(I-Semester) Exmaination,Nov.2002
Computer Organization
(Common to Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics & Telematics)
Time  : 3 hours]							Max.Marks  : 80
      Answar any FIVE questions.
  All questions carry equal marks.
1.         What is the concept of von Neumann computer ? Explain its working with the
	help of a neat block diagram.  Show the data plaths and the control clearly.
2.	Briefly describe the salient aspects of the instruction set and the assembly
	language of any processor (e.g. 8085).
3.         Discuss the various schemes for representing fixed and floating numbers streesing
           the merits and demerits of each scheme.
4.       What are the various micro-operations to be performed during the execution of an
          instructions ? Describe the micro-operations in each of the following cycles :       
          a) Fetch cycle  b) Indirect cycle   c)  Interrupt cycle  d) Execute cycle.
5.      Describe the organization and working of a micro-programmed control unit with
        the help of a near block diagram showing the flow of signals.
6.      Define the following terms in the  context of bus design  :  (a) hadshaking (b) Lock
(c)	Master  unit (d) Skew (e) Tristate  (f) Wait state.
7.     Draw the block diagram of a typical DMA controller and  explain the significance
       of each of the elements.
8.    Write short notes on any three of the following.
a)	Control unit
b)	Memory hierarchy
c)	Interrupt driven I/O
d)	I/O  processor.

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