steve lawthers-reassuring site for electronics practitioners


 Mc namaras - refreshing sight


this site gives you a well classified list of free sites to access 
electronics projects,circuit diagrams,theory and lots however one 
has to register at some of these (free )


well organised site- good lot of electronics- easy to choose projects
   must see


hobbyists and professionals will find this most useful from 
the construction or building projects point


well organised site- rf communications and HAM radio site
useful -the author is roberto barrios


 this is a good site for  EEE guys also:schematics-tutorials-
online calculators-
news groups-newsfeeds-magasines its very informative


apart from other electronic things - smart cards can be of great use after a trip to this site 


lots and lots of electronics projects here MUST SEE


schematics-tutorials-online calculators-news groups-
newsfeeds-magasines its very informative



ELECTRONIC HOBBYIST-a good site  for an engineer who thinks like a scientist.
This site has some useful stuff on how things work 


            BOB BLICKS  site                                   
- a personal .com site by a school teacher of electronics 
- an interesting person to know-
this site has page TECHREF see it
for most innovative ideas (eye openers>