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It is my earnest endeavour to strengthen the creative talents and end-to-end application development abilities ofmine and my associates.


I have been designing embedded systems since 21 years. I want to share with you how this happened to me. please read further only if you desire.
I did my schooling in Kanpur and Bombay.
St Marys Convent & St Aloysius High sSchoole ,Kanpur 1957-1961 (upto 3rd std)
ST Lawrence High School, Bombay 1961-1964 (5th to 8th std)
My father Mr CM Sarma was a top official(MD level) in LIC of I. In 1947 august he had come to delhi from lahore. At delhi he made a lot of friends in AIR also with one Mr Amar Bannerjee (an HAM operator). Here he had picked up lots of radio engineering, this was possible as he was a mathematician (gold medalist Mysore Univ,1939 BA(Hons). Soon after my 8 th class mid he was transferred to Jamshedpur. This was the year 1964 - the turning point in my life

We are three brothers including me. People call us as three musketeers and as in the story by alexandre dumas we also need a fourth musketeer to be powerful.
In 1967 my dad was transferred to Guahati and here i joined the Cotton College for my B.Sc. The only quick way in and out of guahati was by air and dad used to make weekly visits to the zonal office at calcutta. We used to go to recieve him there and during our wait a few of dad's friend (Mr K srinivasan , Mr nathan) used to show the ATC and explaiun the operation of the equipment. This started the germination of electronics in my brothers and my head.
We used to get a lot of information on RF wireless transmitters & recievers. We started working on a group of germanium devices available at that time and made a hartleys oscillator using 2SA15 as the rf oscillator and a medium wave radio coil. A 2SB77 as the audio amplifier which modulated the carrier using hiesing modulation.
This wireless transmitter was given a first prize at the cotton college science club -during the All India Science Congress.

The Microprocessor revolution and Me.