Any computer program will have the following clearly defined portions

The Stack area

This is the memory where all stack/Zero address memory refernces are stored

The Data area

This is the memory where all variables,constants are stored

The Code area

This is the memory where all Program/Code is stored

The Heap

This is the memory where large refernces to data/variables which are related and for processing by the program/code are stored

The Prime function of the linker is to relate all the portions of the program into one if a single source file is used In case of multiple source files to be linked it makes them into one file assigning the respective parts of the program to thier place in this file.This file is the executive file and has extension .exe. Linker inputs are : .obj file Linker outputs are : .exe & .map The linker usaed in this lab is TLINK.EXE.This is a part of Turbo Assembler (TASM ) Back to Main page