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Student Projects Done
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UG Students Projects


These are a few of the projects done under my guidance. if  details are needed please email to the following address. please give full details and type of activity so that the best advise may be transfered 

eMAIL to me

 a)Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controller using the PC
 b)  Fast Wide Band Active Power Transducer
 c)  Speech Scrambling using Digital techniques
 d)  Dual Channel Strip Chart Recorder on the PC's Serial Port
 e)  Rotational Speed Measurement using  8088
 f)  Speech Recording/Playback from Serial Port of PC
 g) Microprocessor based Programmable Personal timer
 h) ECG Monitor (non CRO based) 
  i)  Microprocessor based Cash Register
 j)  IBM PC based Colori Meter
 k) IBM PC based Temparature Controller using T.Cs
 l)  IBM PC based Digital Signal Processing

m) Hand Held Market Survey Machine

n)remote controlling using the tv remote

o)eCLASS Attendance & Monitoring System

p)IBM PC based embedded sysytem developer

q)digital autometer

r)Secure Access Control System

s)remote data logging through telephone for aqua culture

t)digital auto display

u) Street light monitoring and control

v) apartment access control & Intercom

w) Tele accounting System

x) collision avoiding robot with IR 'eyes'

y) Staff paging system

y)Intelligent Tachometer